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A brief history of the model


1990 – Formulation of the  principles of dimensional overlap; first stab at the representational model and taxonomy.

1991 – Experimental exploration and verification

1992 – Full development of the taxonomy and the representational model

1994-1995 – Further experimental verification

By this time, the limitations of the representational model were becoming apparent:  ordinal predictions only; no predictions in the size of effects; and neglect of the importance of time-course information.

1996 – First computational model, specifically targeting the SS x SR task and timecourse information.

2000 – Full development of the computational model and testing with wide variety of tasks (Types 1-8)

(?) – The next step in the evolution of the model will be the development of  The Cognitive Neural Basis  of Dimensional Overlap.

*We thank Dr. John Tangney (AFOSR) for his understanding, encouragement and support over these many years.