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About this website

The purpose of this website is to provide a centralized place on the web where people can find information about the Dimensional Overlap Model and the computational model that is based on it. It also houses a live interactive web implementation of the computational model that you can play with, in order to explore the details of how it is put together and see for yourself how it behaves when you change the parameters.

Over time, we plan on also adding other resources, such as links to PDF copies of key publications and articles discussing related experimental and theoretical topics. Eventually, we would like to see this as a resource for both students and researchers who are interested in the topic of measuring and modeling stimulus-stimulus and stimulus-response overlap effects on reaction time.

This website itself is maintained primarily by Greg Stevens, with Sylvan Kornblum acting as a collaborator and sometime contributor to site content. It is provided purely as an informational and educational resource. This website does not sell anything and does not display any advertisements, and is maintained as a free service-for-the-public project by Greg Stevens Holdings, LLC. This website also doesn’t guarantee any information provided on here. Although we strive for perfect accuracy, we cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions of information, nor can we promise that the website will be available or working properly all of the time.

You should never cite this website as a primary source in your essays or school research papers. We have made a point of providing references and a complete bibliography for all of the important events, people, and ideas that we talk about. If you are researching a school paper, please use the references and bibliography to find and read the original sources for the ideas. You may learn something new that wasn’t on the website.

Any questions, suggestions, additions, or comments about the content on this site should be emailed to us at administrator@dimensional-overlap.com.