Online Simulation Model (DO2000)

This is a live, functioning version of the connectionist network model created by Greg Stevens to implement Sylvan Kornblum’s Dimensional Overlap model. The application below is based on the most recent and complete version of the model, presented in Greg Stevens’s doctoral dissertation, The locus of consistency effects in Simon, Eriksen, and Stroop tasks: New data and a comparison of models, published in 2000. As a result, this version of the model is nicknamed DO2000.

If you are not familiar with the dimensional overlap model, you may first want to check out the brief history of the model, to see how it came into being, or start reading the introductory overview of the basic concepts underlying the theory (more info: A brief history of the model, What is Dimensional Overlap?).

On the other hand, if you are ready to begin playing around with the simulation model, scroll down to view all of the parameters below.  You can select the type of task that you want to simulate, and adjust various parameters to see how they impact the performance of the model and the predicted effects of the conditions in the task. The default parameters are largely for illustration purposes only, but are designed to give results that are in the ballpark of the expected reaction times for these sorts of tasks.

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